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Today the whole world is affected by many problems. Family unrest, mutual differences, social strife, violence-ridden atmosphere, communal riots, environmental pollution, health problems, etc. are getting increasingly dominated. Family cohesion, harmony, cordiality and joint family are disappearing. The level of moral values is seemed to decline in teaching-learning practices and in training area. In the race of materialism and indulgence, live and let live, perennialism, cynicism, renunciation, non-violence, sense of virtue is rarely seen among people. While each and every principle of Jain philosophy is very relevant to solve the present problems and to shape the life of future generation through meeting the demand of humanity in the world.
The principles of Indian and Jain culture are extremely useful to reduce and remove the national problems for cultural empowerment and the prosperity of entire nation. This cultural heritage will establish our nation as Vishwa Guru.
There is an urgent need to understand the deep-rooted mysteries of Indian culture and the principles of Jain philosophy, to make it simple and accessible to the common people and to adopt them in life, so that we can overcome the global problems and decide the underlying values of human values in the society. It will bring the ray of hope again for real happiness in the life.
To serve this purpose, Prachaya Vidhaya & Jain Sanskriti Sanrakashan, Ladnun has formally been established. The vision of our organization is to preserve, promote our our heritage culture, Jain philosophy through research, conferences, awareness building campaign, literature development, publication and other social service activities towards humanity and culture. This organization will play significant role in seeding and planting the relevant thoughts and tasks in the society without any discrimination.
Our Preamble is Satyavesu Maitri. It reflects the communal harmony, live and let live lifestyle, true friendship and we feeling,cultivating the moral values, purification of soul through ethical enrichment.
This institute is involved in research, study, preservation, survey, catalog screening, collection and publication of Prakrit’s handwritten manuscripts spread across the country and abroad. Organizing lectures and speeches of Indian scholars, orientalism, Jainism and social scholars working on social issues, and conducting seminars related to its various aspects, staging plays etc., Prakritbhasha literature conferences and contemplation camps on contemporary topics etc. Organizing, orientalism, writing and publishing masterpieces from writers, writers of Jain literature, culture and language, as well as encouraging and rewarding them, is making an unceasing pace towards its goal accomplishment. This institution goes beyond any discrimination related to caste, religion etc., while working impartially towards the attainment of its established objectives and ensuring adherence to all standards of ethics, humanity, Indianness, orientalism, cultural heritage, socio-spiritual areas. And is dedicated to quality work on contemporary issues affecting human life.
The institute is committed and devoted to preserve, promote and popularize the vanishing cultural heritage of Indian and Jain philosophy, this organization is working in non-profitable manner for people’s awareness, social harmony, develop heritage culture base literature, publication, extension and to set humanitarian values in the society.


Prof. Jinendra Kumar Jain
Associate Dean, Art College
HOD, Dept. of Jainology & Prakrit
Mohanlal Sukhadiya Universty, Udaipur


Dr. Manisha Jain
Prachya Vidhya Evam Jain Sanskrati
Sanrakshan Sansthan, Ladnun

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